April 22, 2021 
We had you review shoe care set in shoe shine specialty blog "Shoes Toriko".
It is a site where you can find detailed information about shoe shining and it is very easy to understand.

December 9, 2020 
We started selling the products at "Smizumi", an antenna shop based in Mizumachi. Shoe polishing workshops were held on Saturday, December 19 and Sunday, December 20.

November 20, 2020 
We have exhibited at the exhibition "Meguriwa" with the theme of sustainable development for two days from Friday, November 20th.

August 28, 2020 
We have been exhibiting and selling our products for 2 weeks at Sumidamachi on the 5th floor of commercial facility "Solamachi".

August 5, 2020 
An article about our new products was published on the professional journal "LS&D".

May 2, 2020 
An article about our shoe polishing set was published in the special feature on stay home of the information magazine "mono magazine".

May 1, 2020 
The story about our efforts was published in the trade paper "Footwear Press".

February 15, 2020 
The information magazine "mono magazine" conducted an interview with our company about the craftsmanship.

September 21, 2019 
A shoe polishing workshop was held at "Sanyo Sancho Tokyo Midtown Hibiya Store".

August 27, 2019 
We exhibited at the joint exhibition "SOLEIL TOKYO" from August 27th to August 29th.

June 15, 2019
On Father's Day, an event named "Parent-Child Shoe Polishing Workshop" was held at the Sumida Hokusai Museum. It was a great success with many people joining including children.

March 5, 2019
An article about our products was published "Men's Grooming" corner of the Evening Edition Fuji.

February 4, 2019 
We exhibited at the joint exhibition "SOLEIL TOKYO" from February 4th to 6th.

December 12, 2018 
An article about the collaboration product with Sanyo Shokai Ltd.'s leather shoe brand "Sanyo Sancho" was published in the Nikkei.

August 30, 2018 
As a long-established shoe cream maker, we are honored to be introduced in the TV Asahi program named Jun Walk.

July 1, 2018 
The official online shop of Lion shoe cream head office has been established.